Why I Love React (Even Though I Don’t Like JavaScript)

I’ve been learning Reactjs for about a year now, using it for my first freelance gig and my personal website. The more I use it, the more convinced I am that React represents the future of the internet.

What brought me to this conclusion is actually something that web developers don’t think about, and that’s the Internet of Things. Whereas the internet was originally built for people to access, now we have to share it with automated devices. So what does that mean for the future of web development?

What this means, is that as the IoT grows, so will the importance of web APIs. While it’s possible for a machine to read and parse HTML, it’s just not practical. It’s far more practical and efficient for a device to receive the data directly in JSON or GraphQL format. People on the other hand want their information presented in a visually pleasing way.

This is where frameworks and libraries like React come in. The back end, instead of serving up HTML as well as JSON, can be focused on providing just JSON. Then, the front end can be created separately, and serve its responsibility as an intermediary between the data, and the human who wants to read it.

I will not be surprised if future trends have a greater separation between back-end frameworks that focus on serving up raw data, and front end frameworks that focus on providing a human interface for that data. That seems like the best way for people and devices to use the same internet.